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The Woodbrey's

The Woodbrey's live in Raymond, Maine. This website is about their trip to California and back in their Suburban towing their 30' camper. We are hoping to have better luck than the family in the movie RV.


Erik enjoys building, especially with legos. He also enjoys video games on his PC and on the Wi. Erik is looking forward to the trip because he said he will have a really fun time. He cannot decide which place he will like more because he thinks they will all be cool.


Kyle's enjoys all kinds of gaming such as RPG, video games, and miniatures. He is looking forward to the trip because he will get to see a some really cool stuff. He likes the natural things and not the cities.


Vicki's enjoys books on tape, working out and bike riding. She is looking forward to the trip as an opportunity to spend time together as a family. She will be happy with whatever stops they make as long as they are together.


Kevin has been working very hard to prepare for the trip. He has customized the camper with things like extra shelves, a more powerful water pump, remote control stabilizing jacks and an on demand water heater. He has installed 3 laptop tables in the Suburban so Vicki and the boys can work or play on the way. Kyle and Erik helped too. Kevin has mapped out the trip using DeLorme's xmap which will work with the GPS device to get us there and back. All the campground reservations have been made.



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